Force Sampling

High Quality Cinematic 
Libraries for Kontakt 5


Soundscapes made from the human voice

vocal_scapes is a collection of soundscapes and pads created from raw recordings of the human voice. The sounds were created by sampling different vowels using an old-school sampler from the early 90s and driving it trough a variety of effects including tape echo, tube distortion, vintage digital reverb and many more effects. This resulted in lush swells, other-worldly keys and droning basses.  The sounds (3gb of content) were then programmed into 46 Kontakt instruments to provide flexibility and sound sculpting possibilities. 

The instruments provides a custom interface with 16 knobs to control 2 filters, drive, bit reduction, sample rate, delay, reverb, phaser, chorus and an amp envelope, You can morph and transform the sounds to create your own unique versions.