Force Sampling

High Quality Cinematic 
Libraries for Kontakt 5


Liquid soundscapes made from feedback

feedback_scapes is a collection of soundscapes and pads made by driving an analog synth through a self-oscillating digital delay and a vintage flanger. This created an unpredictable sound, full of both subtle and not so subtle harmonics and overtones. These "soundscapes" of endless feedback are presented to you through 50+ instruments for Kontakt 5+. The instruments provides a custom interface with 16 knobs to control 2 filters, drive, bit reduction, sample rate, delay, reverb, phaser, chorus and an amp envelope, 

Kontakt patches:

- 1 keyswithed master-patch containing all 20 soundscapes

- 8 Blips made from the recordings

- 7 Distortions made from the recordings

- 18 Keys  made from the recordings

- 18 Pads made from the recordings