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High Quality Cinematic 
Libraries for Kontakt 5

Bass Drones

Deep and droning!

Bass Drones is a collection of deep and droning basses for Kontakt 5 inspired by ambient, noise and drone music. Created from a variety of different sound sources, the patches covers everything from huge walls of impenetreble sound to distant and ambient rumblings. 

Expect to find sounds mangled and morphed from everything from vintage analogue synths to acoustic instruments like trumpet and church organ. 

The 97 patches comes split into 4 categories:  "Long" for long sustaining basses. "Short" for short stabs, hits and strikes. "Atonal" for noisy non-tonal drones. "Bonus Pads" for 5 pads made from the sample material 

Easily tweak the sounds using the fast and simple interface that provides filters, an envelope and a sub-oscillator.